About Us


For those who don't know, the history of the Dakar ™ ​​rally goes back to 1977, when French driver Thierry Sabine lost his bike in the Libyan desert during the Abidjan - Nice rally. On his return to France, Thierry decided to share with the world everything he discovered and, in a celebratory tone, created a new rally that left Paris, passed through Algiers and Agadir and ended in Dakar. A challenge for everyone who leaves and a dream for everyone who stays. 



Dakar ™ ​​Official Product and Diverse ™ ExtremeTeam.com are two brands born from the passion for adventure and motorsports. The creation and distribution of sportswear results from its extensive know-how and the participation of Diverse ™ ExtremeTeam.com in the Dakar ™ ​​rally since 1990. As the current sponsor and technical partner of the event, Diverse ™ ExtremeTeam.com is responsible for the design and production of equipment of the organization and staff of the rally, being also responsible for the creation of part of the official Dakar ™ ​​merchandising - the basis of all Dakar ™ ​​Official Product collections.

In total, the Dakar ™ ​​Official Product collection is made up of 70 selected products, among which the premium line products stand out with their characteristic golden details. Created and thought out in detail, all Dakar ™ ​​Official Product products reflect the spirit of challenge and adventure of the rally. They are the materialization of the concept and the essence of the proof for the day-to-day.




Dakar ™ Shoes, is a new 100% Portuguese brand created and inspired by the incredible story of the Dakar ™ rally. It is an extension and an update of the textile collection managed by Diverse ™ ExtremeTeam.com, an international joint venture with BStrong Group in Portugal.  

Designed and produced in Portugal, with high quality national leather, the Dakar ™ Shoes collection is composed of sneakers, boots and shoes for men, but for women and children only sneakers and boots are available. Six models of Dakar shoes are available in various colors, in all three market segments. Comfortable and with high quality finishes, it is a versatile collection that mixes the adventurous spirit of the iconic Dakar Rally ™, with the know-how, mastery and expertise in the production of Portuguese shoes. Dakar Shoes, is a new brand and a new challenge created in Portugal, for the world.