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Estoril Classics 2021 – The return of the legends

by Site Bstrong 29 Sep 2021

The Estoril Classics was created in 2017, with the goal og bringing to the Estoril Circuit the most important classic cars and skills in the world, this event quickly became a mandatory stop on the itinerary of all lovers of classic cars and motorcycles.

Photo by Tomás Evaristo, at Unsplash

In addition to the direct impact of this event, caused by travel and dtays of tourists, Estoril Classics will also have a multiplier effect, by increasing thw notoriety and prestige of the Cascais region within the Gentleman Drivers segment. It is expected that this will lead to an increase in activities throughoutthe year, namely: visits by classic car clubs and an increase in foreigners who see Cascaais as the perfect spot to visit among family and friends; race training before participating in the events; and car reconditioning in Portugal, a fast growing industry. 
On October 8-10, 2021, the Autódromo do Estoril will once again host this great classic event, Estoril CLassics. 
Organized by Cascais Tourism Office, Estoril Classics celebrates, this year, is fifth edition. This event is the only one to gather five Classic Cars disciplines in the same place: Formula 1, Rally, Sports Cars, Elegance Competition and GT's. In addition, Le Mans prototypes will be present again, with three races for the 1970's, 80's and 2000's. Joining the historic racing machines are some of the most prestigious Grand Tourers, such as the Ferraris 250 SWB or Jaguar E-Types, models that competed on the Cascais Circuit in the 1960s. However, there is still another comeback in focus, which will be the presence of Capri RS3700 and BMW CSL similar to those that the circuit received in the European races of the specialty in the late 70's.

Photo by Jacek Ulinski, at Unsplash

Not all the action of this event will take place on the track, thanks to the return of the Historic Portugal Rally and the always Glamorous ACP Elegance Contest, will take place at the Estoril Circuit. Find out in detail about all the competitions at this event at
The successful past partnerships will continue with Race Ready, Peter Auto and ACP. Estoril Classics will welcome to Cascais some of the most respected and well-known "Gentleman Drivers" in the worlds, as well as some of the most valuable machines in the History of Motor Sports. 
The best of all is that the public is already back to Estoril Classics! It's already confirmed, the biggest classic car event in Southern Europe, will be able to have a limited number of visitors in 2021. This event will open its doors in a limited way, and all participants, team members or public, will have to present only once the vaccination certificate or negative tests Antigen or PCR (48 and 72 hours of validity) for admission into the event. In the Paddock, in addition to the staff of more than 300 teams, it will be possible to receive only 5000 spectators per day. The gradstand of the Estoril Race Track will open once again to harvest 50% of the capacity, which is equivalent to 2.000 people per day. It is possible to purchase the daily pass or the 3-day pass, and Paddock ticket holders will also be able to watch the excitement of the races from Stands A and Tur 1 of the Circuit.


To finish on a high note, it is important to mention that the Dakar Shoes will be present in this grat Estoril Classics, visit our space and know a little more about our products, believe us you will not regret. 

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