• Estoril Classics 2021 – The return of the legends

    Estoril Classics 2021 – The return of the legends

    The Estoril Classics was created in 2017, with the goal og bringing to the Estoril Circuit the most important classic cars and skills in the world, this event quickly became a mandatory stop on the itinerary of all lovers of classic cars and motorcycles. Photo by Tomás Evaristo, at Unsplash In addition to the direct impact of this event, caused by travel and dtays...
  • Summer: Radical Activities

    Summer: Radical Activities

    There's nothing better than adding a little adrenaline to your life, don't you think?In this article we've decided to show you some magical places to spend the best summer of all, whether you're alone or accompanied.
  • Dakar Rally 2021: From hybrids to electrics

    Dakar Rally 2021: From hybrids to electrics

    Under pressure from the public in the face of climate demands, the famous desert competition is investing in electric-powered engines and taking the fist steps toward a green future. We are at a time when cars and motorcycles are beginning to be adapted to the new challenges of everydar life, and we know that the Dakar Rally is often criticized for the pollution it generates....
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