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Racing Circuits: Raceways

by Site Bstrong 10 Nov 2021

Whether it's the passion for speed, or the hours dedicated to video games, we all know the world's most famous tracks, such as Interlagos, Monaco, Monza, Suzuka or Laguna Seca. 
However, if you were asked which is the longest? The most expensive? The most dangerous? Would you know the answer? 
So that these doubts are answered as soon as possible, Dakar Shoes decided to create a list that will answer all your questions. 
Enjoy the ride!


Photo by Jan Ivo Henze, at Unsplash

The most dangerous: Nürburgring Nordschleife, Germany

Among drivers, this circuit is called "The Green Hell" because it has a very dangerous track that rips through the forest (we mean a long track, not to be confused with the track used by Formula 1 in recent years). 
But why do we say that this track is dangerous? There have been 68 deaths on this track, as well as 56 victims. 
Although it is not a permanent circuit, the Isle of Man TT track also nedds to be mentioned, given the fact that 242 drivers have died since the first edition in 1908!


Photo by José Pablo Domínguez, at Unsplash 

Highest: Hermanos Rodríguez, Mexico

Located in the heart of Mexico City, this track returns to the Formula 1 calendar in 2015 at an altitude of 2,285 feet.
Due to the air, the wings face less resistance, allowing the cars to go better on the straight. And an eventual loss of power - due to the effects of altitude - does not occur because today's F-1 uses turbo engines. That is why the cars go over 360 km/h on this track. 
This track in Mexico is really unique. Apart from this, the highest circuit is Interlagos in Brazil, with only 760 meters above sea level.


Photo by Oskar de Jonge, at Unsplash  

The longest: Nürburgring Nordschleife, Germany

The Nürburgring circuit appears again on this list, now in the category of the longest track in the world, due to its 20,8 kilometer length.
And can i get any longer than this? Of course it can. For the traditional Nürburgring 24h race, the organization combines two different circuits: the Nordschleife and the Grand Prix. This combination result in 25,9 km of track, including a total of 170 corners. To complete a lap, it takes mor than eight minutes.


Photo by Brooklands, at Red Bull

History: Brooklands, England

The Brooklands circuit was 4,4 km long, sloping, and commpleted in 1970. It was the first racetrack in the world. Before, races were held on streets and roads, usually fom on town to another. A few years after the opening, part of the track was destroyed to make way for a supermarket parking lot. 
Unbelievable, isn't it?


Photo by Moritz Graf, at Unsplash

Largest variation in terrain: Nürburgring Nordschleife, Germany

Again? Yes, again!
Although there are circuits that are true roller coasters, full of ups and downs, such as Interlagos or Laguna Seca, the record is really the Nürburgring. On the longest stretch, the drivers rise from 320 meters above sea level to 620 meters in altitude. That's a radical change of 300 meters!


© Team Baneviken

The most northerly: Arctic Circle Raceway, Norway

Located 30 km from the Arctic Circle, this Norwegian race track has the northernmost circuit on the planet. Its proximity to the North Pole means that this track could very well host 24-hour races during the summer without the need for floodlights. After all, the sun never sets there at this time of year.


Photo by u/iuserneym, at reddit  

The southernmost: Carlos Romero Racing Track, Argentina

Located in the small city of Tolhuin, Argentina, the Carlos Romero Racing Track is about 3,5000 km away from Brazil, for example. 
The Tolhuin track is the southernmost on the planet. In this respect it is just ahead of Teretonga Park in New Zealand.


Photo by Getty Images, at CNBC 

Highest Capacity: Indianápolis Motor Speedway, United States

It is true that we can mention the Le Mans track, which is capable of receiving 263,000 people on the weekend of the traditional 24 hours. But this is not a permanent circuit, since throughout the year parts of the route are open for general automobile circulation. 
In fact, the winner in this category is Indianápolis, which gathers 257,000 people for the 500 miles. 


Did you already know all these interesting facts, about the different and varied race tracks we have mentioned here?
Share with us, through our handle @dakarshoes.official, all the curiosities you know about this topic. 
We are SUPER curious to know! 😉 


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