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Dakar T-Shirts: Top 5 For him

by Site Bstrong 21 Jul 2021

Have you had the opportunity to see the T-Shirts that DakarShoes has available for Men? If not, get to know them in this article!

T-Shirts are that kind of basic and ideal product to wear in our day-to-day life. It is a versatile garment that goes with several outfit combinations, such as pants or shorts, and we wear it rain or shine. Isn't that right?

As we often see, there are T-Shirts that promote brand identity, but beyond that, convey a bit of the personality of those who wear them. After all, we are not going to buy a T-Shirt that we don't like or that doesn't immediately catch our attention.

If you're the kind of person who loves T-Shirts, keep reading 😉

T-Shirt Dext 0131


The Dext T-Shirt 0131, is a Dakar classic, produced with soft cotton and a round collar. This model is available in black, white and red, and the iconic Dakar logo stands out immensely on this T-Shirt. On the other hand, on the sleeve we can see the Dakar and Diverse Extreme Team signatures. 

You can wear this T-Shirt on a night out with friends with jeans. A more relaxed and comfortable style. However, you can also wear this shirt in a more formal way, if you put a plain shirt over it and some more formal pants. What do you think?

T-Shirt Dext 0132


Tell me if you don't want to buy one? 

This men's t-shirt from the Diverse Team line has a regular collar with a large print of the Dakar logo on the chest. What's more, this item is available in two colors, black and gray.

You don't need much to make your outfit unique!

T-Shirt Dext 03


On the Dext 03 T-Shirt, we can find the Diverse Team and Dakar Shoes logos scattered on the article. We can say that this would be the t-shirt that you would take, without thinking twice, to watch the Dakar Rally. 

However, since it is a neutral color T-Shirt, it will match with countless outfits, so the excuses to use this model would be endless!

T-Shirt Dext 0125


For those who don't like to be too conspicuous, we present the Dext 0125 T-Shirt, a soft cotton classic with a round collar and the iconic Dakar symbol, this time smaller, engraved on the chest, but of course the contrasting Dakar/Diverse Extreme Team signature printed on the sleeve and back couldn't be missing. 

You know those days when you just want to get some fresh air, clear your head (alone or together) but, even so, you worry a lot about what to wear? This T-Shirt is ideal, guys, it goes with everything! You can't go wrong with this one.

T-Shirt Dext SA



The Dext SA T-Shirt is different. In the previous models we found neutral and discreet colors, but in this T-Shirt, in particular, there is a combination of navy blue with orange, something quite unlikely to happen in the fashion world, but we must admit that they are two colors that go together!
So, if you have considered yourself people who like to combine unlikely colors in their outfits, then this T-Shirt is calling you!

What do you think of the models that we present to you? We have other models available at DakarShoes.com

Share with us, through our handle @dakarshoes.official, which T-Shirt you liked the most and how to combine it. 

We look forward to hearing from you  😊

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