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Dakar: Best Clothes for Women

by Site Bstrong 27 Oct 2021

Dakar women's clothing is a must-have in your closet. Can't believe it? Here's why!
Fashion is the behavior of a certain historical era. A word that refers to the various styles of clothing that prevail in a given society. 
When we wear a particular piece of clothing we pass on a message to others, either positive or negative, depending also on each person's tastes. For example, when we wake up in a bad mood or SUPER late for an appointment, automatically ehat we wear reflects our state ofe mind. It's inevitable!
If you like adventure or you have a busy day, and what you want most are comfortable clothes, then check out these Dakar articles.



Dakar Goldy Dext Kurtka Jacket 

The Dakar leather jacket already prepares you for the cold snap that is about to come. A feminine, elegant and classic jacket. This model enhances elegance and sophisticated style, and even refers to a modern streetwear look. 
A jacket characterized by the high quality of the material used. This not only increases the comfort of use oh the product but also its durability, which will serve, at least, for the next few years.



Dakar T-Shirt Dext Ladies

And when you're on those days when you just want to wear comfortable jeans and a loose, super comfy T-shirt?
This T-shiry will go with any of your outfits, you won't want anything else!



Dakar T-Shirt Dext 

We previously featured the t-shirt in white, but who doesn't love a black t-shirt? Darker pieces of clothing are life, easy to combine and ideal for any occasion, whether for work, party with friends or that super unexpected date! 
Obviously this shirt is not the most suitable for more formal commitments, but in summer it is essentials for walks on the beach or those late night meetings in a coffe with colleagues.



Skirt Medina  

The Skirt Medina is a skirt made of cotton fabric, with original bottom - wide at the bottom - contains an elastic band at the waist, front buttons that imitate zipper, practical side pockets and available in black color. 
This skirt is perfect for those special occasions, such as family dinners or lunches with friends.



Kamizelka Damska Dext Morti Dakar Jacket 

We Know it's not the ideal time to reference this Dakar jacket/kispo, but the truth is that winter is almost here and it's time to take a look at our winter clothes to get an idea of what we need to make our winter better and more comfortable. 
This sleeveless kispo, besides being com fortable and warm, will make your look much more appealing and complete. What do you think about this article?



Dext Dakar VIP Pants

We have already talked about dinners, lunches, meetings and outings, but we can't forget those days when we just want to be at home and relax a bit, after a productive and tiring week. 
We may not even want to stay at home, we may also enjoy the late afternoon, sitting on the sand watching the sea. In fact, these days we just look for a little peace and comfort, like the Dext Dakar VIP Pants. A model that you won't want to let go for anything, even leaving the house will cost 😂



What did you think of this product selection? Let us know which model you wore, through our handle @dakarshoes.official
Stay safe and stylish! 😉 
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