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The coolest cars at Dakar Rally

Por Site Bstrong 23 Jun 2021

The Dakar Rally is an ultimate adventure and an unprecedented test that causes man and machine to exceed all the limits of physical and mechanical performance.   

However, sometimes the challenges launched in this dispute are not a sufficient challenge for those who truly live the spirit of the Dakar, what is normal is not true?

Here are the coolest cars in Dakar history!


Ivo Kastan races in a 150cc pit in 2009, photo by @RALLYE DAKAR 

Pit Bike

In 2009, Ivo Kastan raced on a Pit Bike made of pieces of a Honda XL200. He committed this madness, which left him in history, because he was inspired by the Vespa pilots. 

This bike only had a 146cc engine, small 14-inch wheels and weighed 180 kg, already counting on the rider. The participant did not arrive in Dakar, but finished a few stages.


Michele Cinotto at Dakar 2015, photo by @RALLYE DAKAR 


Titan is one of the most interesting experimental cars to race in the Dakar. A masterpiece by Audi Sport Italia boss Emilio Radaelli and veteran driver Michele Cinotto, the Titan was essentially a twin engine turbo Audi 3.0 TDI surrounded by tubular chassis built in the workshop of the Albertinazzi family, Piedmont EpaPower. 

A car capable of developing 650Nm of torque from 304 hp. Unfortunately, the Titan only completed the first stage of the 2015 rally before being sidelined for electrical problems. It was repaired, but it fell back after 20 km, this time.


Renault 4, photo in @GROUPRENAULT

Renault 4

In the first Dakar in 1979, brothers Claude and Bernard Marreau were lucky with this Renault 4, finishing fifth. 

What makes this event even more impressive is the fact that in the early days of the Dakar there was only one general rating, for cars, motorcycles and trucks. 

And still not satisfied, the brothers return a year later to compete and finish third.


Photo by Frederic Veillard, at Road and Track

Rolls-Royce Corniche 

Sometimes we make bets that we regret later, but the truth is that we create history with it, as was the case with Thierry De Montcorgé who, in 1981, bet that he would be able to compete in the famous African Rally with one of his luxurious Rolls Royce Corniche.

Of course, the car had to be specially adapted for the desert, which meant dispensing with some goods. The participant ordered a special chassis that weighed only 80kg and added a four-wheel drive system. Unfortunately, he was disqualified while fighting for 13th place for making an illegal arrangement.


Photo by Oficiais e Arquivo AutoSport, at AutoSport

Porsche 959

Now let's talk about a legend at the Rally. This car has more than 30,000 victories, are unbeatable on the road. In 1984, Porsche won the Dakar in Paris with a modified 911SC for four-wheel drive and nicknamed 953.

Let’s face it, the result took Porsche by surprise, so they returned to the 1985 edition with three 959s purpose-built for the Dakar. However, the cars had not been properly tested and both eventually succumbed to technical problems.

In 1986 only 67 of the 488 that made the road survived the 1986 edition, but two of them finished first and second, giving another unlikely victory to Porsche and these Dakar adventures.


Photo by Apple_Slipper, at Reddit

Citroen 2CV 

One of the most ambitious moments we saw being completed at the Dakar was in 2007 when the Marques brothers raced in a 1963 Citroen 2CV.

Georges, Philippe e Gilles Marques reinforced the chassis, the suspension and put two Citroen Visa engines to increase the power to a thunderous 101 hp. Unfortunately, the Bip-Bip 2 team had to withdraw from competition.


The Dakar Rally is not only a competition, but a world full of fascinating stories and memories never forgotten!

Tell us, through our handle @dakarshoes.official, which is your favorite car and if you remember these amazing stories. 🧐


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