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Summer: Radical Activities

Por Site Bstrong 29 Sep 2021
There is something about summer that makes us full of life and super dynamic. In the days of sun and heat all we want are adventures and radical activities to spend the summer in a great way!  
Besides sunbathing, endless walks along the seaside, and a thousand and one pictures taken at sunset, there are other fun and very interesting activities to add to your most radical list!   
There's nothing better than adding a little adrenaline to your life, don't you think?In this article we've decided to show you some magical places to spend the best summer of all, whether you're alone or accompanied. 
If you love adventure and unforgettable moments, read on!
Photo by Monika Guzikowska, at Unsplash 

Madeira Island

Let´s talk a bit about Funchal, a city that represents unique charecteristics that make Madeira Island even more enchanting. From the natural and authentic beauty, to the unforgettable gastronomic experience that the island offers. 
In addition, you will be able to identify this region as the perfect destination for a number of radically memorable activities. 
The subtropical climate of Madeira Island allows the safe practice of various radical activities for its visitors, as well as for its residents. Besides diving, surfing, skydiving and hang gliding, among other extreme sports practiced in the region, you can take meorable boat trips, where you will be able to observe different species, while enjoying the sea breeze, in a soft and relaxing climate. 
On these trips you can dive into the waters of the region, which will give you a unique moment that will make your star wothwhile. Canoeing is also an extreme sport often practiced in the city of Funchal, due to the mild temperature characteristic of the region, and diving can also be considered in your next visit to the city, and you can go to one of the diving centers located in the marina of Funchal, where tou can meet several marine species. 
You can also do coasteering which consists of exploring the coastline by climbing, jumping and diving in the sea. The Ponta de São Lourenço Nature Reserve is one of the most chosen places for this activity. The arid landscape, the marine fauna, the caves, and the clear waters of the sea offer a memorable experience. The coast challenges the ability to overcome fear, to discover not only the nature of the island, but also our own capacity. 
Photo by FEI XIE, at Unsplash 

Mount Huashan

What is more extreme than conquering a mountain by climbing to its summit? The peaks of Mount Huashan rise 7000 feet above Shaanxi province, in China. They are filled with Taoist temples, and are only accessible by treacherously narrow planks and ladders carved into the cliff face. If one can get over the heights, the reach is a beauty to behold. 
However, if you prefer to see the top of the mountains and put aside the hard work of climbing up and downs, you can always see it in a plane.
Photo by Jan Ivo Henxe, at Unsplash 

Nürburgring racetrack in Germany

If you consider yourself passionate about cars and racing, then you really must visit the most feared track in the history of motor racing, the Nürburgring Racetrack in Germany. 
This mythical track was laid out around a medieval castle, Nürburg, which makes this place unique and scenic, even for those who want to put their speed to the test. The fact that it is located in an area of high humidity makes the track dangerous and slippery, one of the reasons why this circuit is considered s difficult, along with its almost 21 kilometers full of curves (73 CURVES!).
So ... are you tempted to try this great challenge?
If you are the kind of person who simply enjoys a good hike in the mountains or on trails, we recommend that you do it with companies specialized in active tourism in order to discover the best places to practice these sports and ensure al safety conditions. However, don't forget to wear the Dakar Neom Logo.
Share with us, through ou handle @dakarshoes.official, which is your favorite destination. 😉
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