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Family Adventures

Por Site Bstrong 08 Apr 2021

If you are already planning your next family adventures, here are some ideas and inspirations for you. We realize that the world is full of amazing places that are perfect for unforgettable vacations, especially if you have children.

You can plan a vacation with brutal activities, like a canoe trip along the sandy shores of the Pacific or diving into the thermal waters of Costa Rica. The truth is that it doesn't matter where you go, because the memories you create will last a lifetime!

Start planning your next family adventures by following these ideas!


Photo by Ranae Smith, at Unsplash

Baja Califórnia

Sand, sun, and fun is what you can come to live in Baja California. Located in the southern part of the California peninsula, Baja is home to idyllic white beaches and beautiful weather all year round. This enchanted place is the best for a family vacation if your goal is to get away from the crowds and stuffy city air.
The adventures here are endless. Take the young ones horseback riding on Todos Santos beach, and then learn to surf in the Pacific Ocean. The sea lions in Los Islotes are especially friendly - when you go snorkeling, they swim up close and even wave!
But the wonders are not over yet. Take a rejuvenating cliff-top hike and get the most spectacular views of the ocean. If you are lucky you can see sea lions and whales along the way.

Photo by sterlinglanier Lanier, at Unsplash 

Costa Rica

Located in the center of Central America, Costa Rica has become a top choice for family travelers from all over the world. Perhaps it's because of its laid-back beaches, wonderful rainforests and outdoor adventures.
Who wouldn't enjoy a stroll in the La Paz Waterfall Gardens or taking a dip in the Arenal hot springs, heated by the Arenal Volcano's hot springs?
Costa Rica's rainforests, on the other hand, are a great place for a sky walk across suspension bridges, where you can enjoy memorable views of the earth from above. Here you should try going from the treetops to the canoe on a river float trip through the rainforest, spotting tiny hummingbirds and pink roses along the way, among other wild plants.
Get to know the Costa Rican way of life, and visit the coast where you can swim, relax and slow down for a while. By the way, in Costa Rica there is so much to do everything, unless you'd rather do nothing, that's also an option! 😉


Photo by Matt Thomason, at Unsplash 

Canadian Rockies

Of course, we weren't going to forget the Canadian Rockies, a home to huge glaciers and alpine meadows, the travel choice of families looking for a real adventure.
Water sports are plentiful in Banff National Park: go white water rafting on the Class II-IV rapids of the Kicking Horse River. In the gentler areas, families have time to take in the impotent canyons and the wild landscape. At the center of this park we find Lake Louise, the legendary lake known for its turquoise, glacier-fed waters, bordered by high peaks and iconic forests.
For those who love hiking, we have it in Banff: the Larch Valley trail that winds uphill through a forest and sun-dipped larches to a high altitude sunflower meadow. The range of outdoor activities is as diverse as the environment.

Photo by Rebe Adelaida, at Unsplash


For children, Italy is among the most exciting places to visit. Discover decadent squares, walk among the crumbling pillars of Rome's ancient Roman Forum and Colosseum, and cycle along the brick-lined Appian Way.
Enjoy and float down the long canals of Venice, where you can see the narrow waterways.
One reason why we should venture to Italy as a family is the opportunity to experience its rich tradition of handmade craftsmanship. Don't just buy souvenirs, make them. Make Pizza in Florence. Paint your own ice cream. These are some craft activities you can do!

Don't forget, if you choose to visit the Canadian Rockies or Baja California, wear comfortable shoes. For Men we recommend Tabuk High Relief U Dakar sneakers, for Women Dakar Tiaret Low and for the little ones Dakar Tiaret Boot.
Share with us, through our handle @dakarshoes.official, the best vacations you have ever had!
Make the most of your family adventures and stay safe. 😉



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