• Black Friday Dakar Official Product

    Black Friday Dakar Official Product

    Black Friday is crazy here!Dakar Official Products has already kicked off the best Christmas shopping season with 20% off all branded items.In fact, Black Friday started in the United States in the early 90's and is celebrated on the last Friday of November. However, this year Dakar has decided to anticipate this wave of promotions. Ready for what we have for you?We are offering...
  • Racing Circuits: Raceways

    Racing Circuits: Raceways

    Whether it's the passion for speed, or the hours dedicated to video games, we all know the world's most famous tracks, such as Interlagos, Monaco, Monza, Suzuka or Laguna Seca. 
  • How to Wear: Dakar Maroc Boots

    How to Wear: Dakar Maroc Boots

    The cold is already starting to feel, winter is about to arrive, and the best thing would be to have those comfortable and warm boots. That's why today we present you the Dakar Maroc Boots, a truly emblematic product from Dakar Shoes. But how do we put this model together?
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